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Daniel and his coaches are here to help; whether it is disputing information with the credit bureaus, offering financial coaching, interacting with creditors to get clients some debt relief or running interference with debt collectors.

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Explanation is easy.

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She never found anyone and when the lease ended she sent me a bill for over $5000 for the remaining time and cleaning fees, a broken chair and some other crap.

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I did not like the way they worked, dragging the process out.

free credit repair software free

The lien just passes to whoever purchases it at auction and the property can be repossessed. Technically yes. If they have a judgment, they can garnish whenever they wish unless you either live in a state that doesn't allow wage garnishment for commercial creditors like SC, or they have a written agreement with you agreeing not to garnish your paycheck in exchange for regular voluntary payments. Otherwise, they can garnish as they please – whether you're making payments or not. If it were me, and they already had a judgment and were already garnishing me, I don't think I'd bother to help them out by sending in even MORE money. Of course, a lot of companies don't bother to even request garnishment if you have a payment agreement. “My fiancé and I started with your company 2 months ago after wasting 5 months with another “credit repair” company accomplishing zero results. We were very skeptical due to our previous experience and we had a lot of questions and concerns. Our representative, Michael, was very patient with our questions, even the tiniest detail and didn’t make us feel as if any of of our questions were silly or insignificant. He answered every single question and was very knowledgeable about the process. We were pleased that we received follow up phone calls and emails the first week we started.

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Credit repair is definitely an area where if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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