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Credit Bureau Dispute AlternativeYou can also send your disputes directly to the bank or business who listed the information on your credit report.

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The following are 5 steps for new credit repair companies to take to get a merchant account.

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Most credit repair services provide a free initial consultation, during which they outline their recommended plan, which includes the items to be disputed, how the bureaus and creditors have to prove an item’s validity, all of the fees and costs for the service, an estimate of how long the repair process should take, and if there are any guarantees.

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The creditors usually provide an address for disputes. If the creditor reports the items to the 3 credit bureaus, they must include the dispute during the reporting time. If you are correct, the creditor must remove the item from the Bureaus it's reporting too. For information on "How to Dispute Credit Report Errors, go to ftc. gov/credit. The reporting of correct informationWhen negative information is being reported about you, and it's accurate the only way it will go away is with time. A consumer credit reporting company can report negative information about you for 7 years and bankruptcies for 10 years. Judgments can be reported for 7 years or until the statue of limitations run out. Credit Repair Organization ActBy law credit repair companies must give you a copy of the "Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law" before you sign any contract. They must also give you a written contract that specifies your rights and obligations. Read these documents carefully before you sign anything.

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Although there are some security issues involved, most sites are protected, requiring users to log in using a password and identity code.

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